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Rules on the servers - Aszuna - 08-22-2018

All Servers:

# 1 Advertising on the server is totally prohibited and can give up to 1 week's ban.

# 2 Any type of cheating is totally forbidden and results in a permaBann.

# 3 All forms of spam (Micspam or chat spam) are prohibited
results in mute / gag.

# 4 Bad language can be used, but not too rough. (eg Fan, Jävlar. IF they are not used to anyone).

# 5 NO trading on the server.

# 6 Politics is held outside of the server.

# 7 Fake nick Another person can result in a permaBann.

# 8 ONLY Swedish and English on the server.

# 9 All forms of gambling are totally prohibited.

# 10 Racism or Nazism is completely banned on the server and can result in a ban of a day.

# 11 All kind of Teamkill is completely forbidden on the server.

# 13 beg for credits is forbidden and leads to a mute.

Multigames / CTvsT:

# 1 Ghosting is extremely forbidden and leads to mute.

# 2 Bhop-Knifing is not allowed and leads to ban.

# 3 Team killing is totally prohibited and can lead to a ban.